Our Research Topics

We study new machine learning and deep learning models for various data types, such as biomedical data, financial data, and image data. Specifically, we investigate probability estimation machine learning models for such big database.

Machine Learning for Biomedical Data

Due to the recent development of genome profiling, in recent years, we can use gene expression big data for various complex problems, such as medical diagnosis and survival estimation. We explore new machine learning models to handle gene expression data connecting to such problems.

AI-based Financial Engineering

There have been numerous attempts to use AI for stock market estimation and portfolio management. For financial data, we investigate deep learning models for probability estimation, which handles the uncertainty in financial data. Also, we aim at developing AI-based fund management system that learns from data.

Generative Deep Learning

Generative model is quite different from predictive models since the objective of the model is to predict probability distribution of sample space. Among the generative models, we investigate neural network-based models, including generative adversarial network (GAN).


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